About Me

I've lived many lives in my short time here on this planet. I've been a research scientist, massage therapist, professional beer brewer, restaurant and bar operator, digital marketing director, web developer, photographer, and that doesn't even begin to cover my hobbies on the side.

I don't say this to brag, if fact quite the opposite. I've spent enough time in enough professions to recognize mastery when I see it; and it is quite rare indeed. I consider myself a Jack of all these trades, a journeyman, a practitioner.

What drives me is passion, a desire to learn and grow, and a devotion to my core values led by the tenet of compassion. This dictates how I use the tools of my trade;

my words,
my hands,
my camera,

instruments of creation,
in act of service.

let's shoot.




It all began when my dad handed me down his 1978 Canon EF, a wondrous steel bodied 35mm relic. Shooting fully manual on film was a challenging and rewarding endeavor that drew me in completely.

The thing I love most about photography is the act of creation. A photo is not merely a capture but a composition, at its best revealing some truth that connects to its viewer.

branding / Web Development

After spending years at an agency in the digital marketing industry, I found myself wanting to simplify everything. I want to work more intimately with individuals and small businesses, to chose my clients, and hold my own work in my own hands.

I can help you build your brand identity, and bring yourself and/or your business to life on the web.

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Massage Therapy

In 2003 as a freshman Pre-Med student at the University of Washington in Seattle, I concurrently attended the Brenneke School of Massage at night.

17 years later, massage is still the most rewarding work that I do.

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